Online Publisher Lulu Angles For The Next Wave Of Self-Publishing With

Many bloggers are also authors. In fact, more and more publishers seek out popular bloggers to turn into authors because they bring with them an established audience that is likely to buy the book, ebook or audio book. Successful bloggers are also likely to have experience marketing and promoting their work.

Even as publishers are increasingly recognizing the value-add bloggers bring to their books, bloggers are increasingly question the value of the traditional publishing model. Not surprisingly, some determine traditional publishing isn’t for them. That’s why the news that independent publisher LuLu is launching a new picture book division is so exciting. Through Lulu is creating a new channel for bloggers to create and publish photo books as well as other image heavy printed materials including calendars, brochures and other marketing materials.

John Biggs over at TechCrunch recently sat down with Lulu founder Bob Young to discuss the state of the publishing industry in general and Lulu’s new photo book division specifically. Here’s a fascinating glimpse at what the future may hold for bloggers who dream of becoming authors.

One thought on “Online Publisher Lulu Angles For The Next Wave Of Self-Publishing With

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