Bard and Book 2014 Novel Writing Contest

Baby winner

Baby winnerIt is a well-know fact that every writer has an unpublished novel stuck in a bottom desk drawer or filed away on their computer or a thumb drive somewhere. Of course this fact isn’t true. There are many writers, and especially bloggers, who have not written a novel. There are also bloggers who have. If you are among them, or can finish your novel manuscript before October 1, 2013, you might want to consider entering it in the 2014 Novel Writing Contest hosted by Bard and Book Publishing.

Bard and Book is now accepting submissions for their 2014 Novel Writing Contest. One talented novelist will win $2,500. The second and third place winners will also receive cash prizes ($1,000 and $500 respectively). All participating authors will receive a critique of their unpublished novel from the judges. The deadline for submitting your completed unpublished manuscript and $100 entry fee is October 1, 2013. Winners will be announced in March or April 2014.

All types of novels are being accepted as long as they do not contain pornographic or erotic material. After all, Anthony Horvath, the founder of Bard and Book Publishing learned the fundamentals of publishing through his activities with Athanatos Christian Ministries. Submissions do not need a Christian or religious focus to be considered however. All they need is a Title Page with the author’s name and contact information, and outline of the entire novel and a 1-page synopsis.

The Bard and Book 2014 Novel Writing Contest will be judged by Bard and Book authors who will read at least the first 50 pages of the novel, write a critique for the author and decide whether the novel should be passed on to the next round(s). Each round follows the same pattern. The number of critiques an author receives depends on how far a given novel goes before being eliminated.

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