Three Daily Deadlines for Successful Bloggers


Write every day. Tell everyone you know about what you write and encourage them to read it. Read the writing of others daily and let them know you have.

It’s hard to believe writers and bloggers need to be reminded of this. They do. Because chances are that on any given day, you aren’t doing all of the things it takes to be a successful writer and blogger.

Write Everyday

Writing is something everyone does on an almost daily basis. We write lists, messages, notes to ourselves, our friends, our families, and co-workers. Some people keep journals or diaries or daily planners where they record things of note. If you want to be a successful writer or blogger you have to take this one step further. You have to write something not intended for your eyes only. filmstrip three

Notes, messages, lists and diaries are intended for a small private audience. Successful bloggers and writers write for a wider audience. Even if you are writing for a very specific and narrow niche, there is more than one person in it. Write daily for that microcosm. Then raise your eyes and write for everyone else because no matter how tightly focused your topic is, there are aspects of it that reach beyond the arbitrary boundaries you’ve constructed. If you truly want to be successful, and professional, you have to write daily for the world.

Tell Everyone

Many bloggers, and writers, writer daily but no one, or very few people, know about it. They send it out into the world with a murmur rather than a shout. When they do shout it out, it’s often just a single voice yelling once. That’s not good enough.

geometry triangleTo be successful you have to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to discover and read what you’ve written. You have to tweet it, like it, pin it, tumbl and stumble it, digg it, share it and anything else you can think of that gets it into the hands of readers. And you have to do this more than once. You have to sing your own praises and blow your own horn. You have to ask and encourage people to tell you what they think about what you’ve written. Repeatedly. Every day.

Read and Reflect

Reading is a huge part of writing success. It’s a source of inspiration, education and perspective. The problem is we read and walk away. No one knows we’ve been there. Just as we don’t know everyone who has read our words.

If we want others to read our blogs, books, brochures or anything else we need to reciprocate. And we need to show other that we have read what they have written. IT doesn’t matter whether we agree with it or like it or couldn’t care less. In an increasingly online world where people pass in the ether without a ripple, successful people leave a mark. They comment. They share. They express opinions and offer suggestions. The make noise. They encourage others and they do so every day.

Every Day

Daily is a hard word. It’s a challenging goal. But it is doable. Reporters have done it for ages. Bloggers can too, just ask anyone participating in #blog2013. Even if you are working on a larger project, like a book or a case study, you have to work on it daily, share your progress and explore the written world around you or you’re never going to finish it.


Doing something every day makes it a habit. In fact, everyone participating in the Wordcount blogathon or any other daily writing exercise has already made writing a habit. It only takes doing something three times in a row to make it a habit. By the same token, you can break a habit by not doing something for three days in a row. In many cultures and religions three is a significant number. Doing three things three days in a row (writing, promoting and reading) doesn’t just establish three habits, it enhances your success by compounding the influence of three. Why would anyone do less?

11 thoughts on “Three Daily Deadlines for Successful Bloggers

  1. Thank you so much for this! Everyone needs a little reminder! Heck, my blog is all about reminding myself to be happy – with little tips, tricks, and reflections – and I hope to inspire and remind others to do the same! Have a happy happy day!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Reminders do come in handy (probably why lists and notes to self are so popular). One thing I didn’t mention when talking about threes, is how I “triple” up on my daily deadlines. It would be easy to to all three tasks (writing, reading and promoting) three times each but that can sound overwhelming especially if you aren’t used to it. So I try to write one article on my own blog, write one comment on someone else’s blog and write a response to someone else’s comment on my blog, their blog, or somewhere else (three writing tasks), then I try to read someone else’s blog, read comments on my own blog and read something else like a section of a book, my facebook newsfeed, anything (tasks reading tasks) and finally I promote my writing and the writing of others by joining an discussion (usually on LinkedIn, but not always), reblogging something and scheduling or posting links to previously published material in addition to the automated links generated for new content (three promotion tasks). Yes some of these are duplicates, but I’m also a great believer in multitaksing so if one thing leads to another and the combination counts for two or even three of my daily tasks, I’m a happy camper!

    1. Blogathon can do that, Deborah. It’s a great way to get into the the habit of writing and blogging daily and most participants focus on that. Since my background is as a journalist, writing everyday is just what I do (and have done for more than 22 years). For me the big challenge of #Blog2013 is trying to read and respond to as many posts on other blogs as possible. I struggle with the fact that when I read I feel like I should be writing instead.

  2. These are great words to keep in mind. Writing as with everything else worth doing requires a lot of discipline and doing this Blogathon is a good way of making writing in my blog a daily and integral part of my day. I’m encouraged by your post!

  3. I have blogged daily for over 2 years now. I try to comment on 4 to 5 blogs a day, too. I tweet or share on Facebook if I enjoy the post. For this post, I tweeted it Reading, as you point out, is the key to good writing and good blogging. I do find myself not reading books as much as I used to because I get caught up in reading blogs and Facebook posts. I do need to find a better balance so i can go back to enjoying books more.

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