Blog spotlight: Practical Creative Writing

Today Informed Ideas is turning the spotlight of Grace Jollife and her blog Practical Creative Writing.

A member of the Informed Ideas for Writers Group on LinkedIn, Grace is a published creative writer living in Ireland. Her blog, like so many writer’s blog (including this one) focuses on share her writing and helping other writers succeed. One of the was she does the later is by offering a downloadable creative writing tracker. Billed as a murderer of writer’s block this is an awesome tool for helping creative writers and bloggers to become more productive. It is also a great ego boost because it helps you see and focus on what you have already achieved rather than on how much still remains to be done.

Aside from the free creative writing tracker, Practical Creative Writing is a fairly standard looking two-column blog. The slider at the top gives it a more interactive feel that plain text might while the light grey color gives the eyes a rest after the stark white glare of other sites. One note resting deviation is that there are two home buttons in the menu at the top of the screen. One looks like a house. The other says Home. Both wake you to the same page.

The blog appears to be just over a year old, although there are a few posts dating as far back as early 2011. The content focuses on creative writing and is a wonderful resource for new and experienced writers. Two favorite posts are the creative writing prompts and a number of excellent tips on writing for children. Even if you aren’t a creative writer, Practical Creative Writing is worth checking out.

Have you visited Practical Creative Writing recently or use the creative writing tracker? Share your opinions and experiences below!

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