Blog spotlight: BJ Dooley’s IT Toons

BJ Dooley IT Toon Showrooming

Blogs don’t have to be text heavy. Don’t buy that? Take a look at BJ Dooley’s IT Toons, the blog we’re putting in the spotlight today. Dooley is a member of Informed Ideas for Writers, and an independent Author, Analyst and Journalist in Vero Beach, FL (Disclaimer: the author grew up in Vero, well JI, in the 80’s, it’s one of greatest little Florida towns around.)

As the title implies this is a blog of cartoons. Technically, the majority are single panel editorial cartons. Anyone who uses a computer or digital device and reads the news will find something in familiar in the content but there are a some works that speak directly to a more technical audience than just the typical computer user. For instance:

BJ Dooley IT Toon Showrooming
Showrooming IT Toon by BJ Dooley. find more at

At heart, I am a toon lover. They make me laugh, think and sometimes even cry. Not being an artist, I am in awe of the talent some people bring to making words and ideas visual. This site is amazing and amusing.

If BJ Dooley’s IT Toons has a weakness it’s that there isn’t any author or contact information. It might be fun to see some text and get some insight into how these fantastic panels were created. 

Overall, however, BJ Dooley’s IT Toons is a fun note to start the weekend with. Why don’t you go check it out?

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