SheKnows Opens Contributor Platform

Annoyances turn into hidden treasure

“Our new Experts Among Us forum is a natural evolution of the SheKnows DNA of engagement,” Philippe Guelton, SheKnows CEO since January 2013 said in a recent statement to the media. “Our goal is to offer talented users of all backgrounds the opportunity to collaborate in the creation of compelling content that has made SheKnows the top women’s destination on the web. We’re thrilled to turn our large community into an even more open platform.”

In case you aren’t familiar with SheKnows as Guelton explained it is leading online destination for women and the largest stand-alone women’s site in the U.S. (according to statements by the company). Guelton, who is part of the new management team put in place after Great Hills Partners, a private equity firm acquired SheKnows in December. The Experts Among Us launch was one of several announcements made in late June 2013.

News that SheKnows experienced a 40 percent growth in traffic during the first half of 2013 compared to the previous year means the site attracts some 8.7 million unique visitors per month. At the time the announcements were made, the SheKnows’ Experts Among Us initiative had not been launched and it is unclear whether it has been launched to date or not. Described as a new platform that will include content by a range of contributors from professionals to influencers to amateurs with a strong and smart point of view. You don’t have to be female to contribute as long as you have something that will add value to the conversation. In addition, video is expected to play a key role in bringing Experts Among Us to life with the SheKnows studio in Los Angeles, which currently produces more than 250 original videos per month, acting as a central hub as well as a creative lab for the initiative.

Currently, SheKnows is home to a panel of experts including Nina Sutton (Beauty), Doug Brochu (Food), Michelle Dudash (Health), Robin Baron (Living) and Dr. Noelle Nelson (Loving), however, they do not appear to be part of an identifiable Experts Among Us platform at this time. In addition, SheKnows has not updated their Writer’s Guidelines since 2011, something which seems unlikely if the new open contributor platform has been introduced.

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Stay tuned to Informed Ideas for news on the launch of SheKnows’ Experts Among Us platform as well as other freelance blogging opportunities and markets!

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