How to estimate a creative design job

Some great advice for creative freelances from numbers types. Preparing bids and estimates can be one of the biggest hurdles freelancers have to overcome. These tips help put the process into focus.


Providing an estimation or a price quote for a creative work is one the difficult task every freelancer faces. Whatever you are working as graphic designer, web designer or freelancer writer, there are many factors can affect your prices and make the job of quoting a client more tricky, high price quotes may lead to lose the project and low price quote can makes the client questions your skills and not have no trust to work with you.

Here are some tips can help you to estimate your creative work

Know your client budget

Knowing the budget of your client is one of the important things that can affect your quote. You need to know before quoting your clients how much they are planning to spend. If the client’s budget is too low for you then you can save the time creating the quote and reject the job; and if…

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