Green fountain penBack in 2008, I started Informed Ideas for Writers, a Group for all kinds of professional writers from around the globe. At first it was just a place for me and my friends to share news, information and job leads. It has become much more over five short years. Today, Informed Ideas for Writers boast nearly 8,500 members and dozens of active conversations connecting an international pool of writers.

To become a member of Informed Ideas for Writers you have to be a professional writer. That includes copywriters, journalists, bloggers, authors, translators, reviewers, technical writers, editors, teachers, ghost writers, marketers, content developers, screenwriters, critics, travel writers, poets, grant writers, business analysts, communications writers, publicists, speechwriters and many more. The only criteria is you must get paid to write and it must be your primary task must include writing. It’s as simple and as difficult as that. (Want more insight into the members of Informed Ideas for Writers? Here are some interesting statistics.)

Informed Ideas for Writers is a closed group (new members must be approved before they can contribute to the Group) that is largely self-policing. Our guiding rule is: BE NICE. For the most part, members are. Misunderstandings do occur. They are inevitable with a group this large and speaking so many different languages. I am pleased to say that only rarely during the last 5 years, have they reached the level of vitriol requiring me to intervene and delete discussions or remove members. The vast majority or discussions are civil, intelligent and, best of all, interesting.

I have learned a great deal from my peers through Informed Ideas for Writers. Through their links, discussions, questions and comments I have broadened my experiences, skills and perspective in ways that only happen when you are socializing with other writers. Everyone is very supportive and considerate. And somehow we’ve avoided the competitive feel of so many writing groups. Truly, this is a writing space where everyone can learn, grow and prosper together.

If you are a professional writer of any kind, located anywhere in the world and have a LinkedIN profile, please consider joining Informed Ideas for Writers and sending me an invitation to connect. I love getting to know new people and helping my fellow writers succeed, online and off!

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