a goal that commands your thoughts…

Excellent advice!

Writing and blogging goals are often expressed as deadlines and word counts. For all that we talk about our Muses, what, when and how much we write is driven by hard numbers including the bottom line. As a result, we define success by how much we sell instead of the impact our words have on ourselves or on others.

It is worth remembering that Andrew Carnegie was a highly successful businessman who put his fortune, well, ok, part of it anyway, to work establishing and supporting libraries. He saw the value, the importance, of the written word. More importantly Carnegie understood that the written word must be shared and made available to others.

This is something we as writers sometimes forget.

We forget why we became writers. We forget why we are writers. We forget that our goal is to share information and stories with readers. We forget that in telling stories we don’t just remember the past, we embody the present and shape the future. We forget the reality as we know it flows through our fingers.

The price of forgetting is steep. We lose the joy of writing. We develop writers block. We sell out, putting out mediocre work without enthusiasm simply to get paid. Then we wonder why the audience shrinks and we don’t want to shout that we met our deadline or delivered the right amount of content into the world.

We need to remember. Not only will we be better writers, happier writers, we will help write a more wonder-filled world.